Entry form/info pack for 2016 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship!

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Registration is now closed for the 2016 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship, hosted by Pleasure Riders M/C at the new Thunder Ridge facility in Neoga, IL.  The remainder of this text is unchanged from what was available during the registration period…just so you can come back and check it again if you like…

Click the form icon there to get the entry form/info pack – you can type directly into the entry form on your computer before you print it out…type in your name, address, and other info on the top, then check each class you want to enter and type in the bike brand for that class.  You can type in your sponsors in the box below, then specify any additional items you may want to pre-purchase, like t-shirts for example.

If the competitor is a minor, we strongly recommend that you download the AMA minor release form, print it out in color, and take it to a notary public to sign it.  Both parents/guardians must sign the minor release form – and if you’re going to do it ahead of time, it has to be notarized.  Chances are your bank will notarize stuff for you for free.  If both parents/guardians will be present at the event, you can fill out and sign the form at rider check-in on Friday…but if one or both parents/guardians won’t be present at the event, you have to get the form signed by both and notarized ahead of time.  Note also that if you have an AMA annual minor release card, that works too – please include a photocopy of it with your entry and bring the card to rider check-in.

For your convenience, you can get the AMA minor release form (for a single event) here, or the annual release card here.  Note that such AMA forms always have to be printed in color.

Entries must be postmarked by July 1st, 2016 – entries postmarked after July 1st will not be accepted.  There will be no late or on-site registration at all – so get your entry forms in now!  As usual, the first rider to sign up rides last, and the last rider to sign up rides first!  And if you have any questions about the event, contact us as soon as possible so that we can get it all sorted out.  Contact info is in the information pack.  Please note that AMA pro license holders (for any sport) are ineligible to compete in AMA amateur championship events – AMA Pro-Sport hillclimb license holders are eligible to enter amateur championship events, granted that they don’t also hold any full-pro AMA licenses.

When mailing your entry in, be sure to include:

  • The fully-filled out entry form (first page in the packet)
    • Make sure you include a valid phone number and email address, so we can quickly contact you if necessary
  • A check or money order for your class entries and any additional items (do not send cash)
  • If the rider is a minor, once again we strongly recommend including a notarized AMA minor release form signed by both parents/guardians
    • Or, if you have an AMA minor annual release, include a photocopy of it and make sure you have it with you at rider check-in
  • If the rider is entered in youth classes, you must also include a photocopy of the rider’s birth certificate – please don’t send originals
    • We strongly recommend that you have a birth certificate with you on-hand at the event for all minor competitors, in the event that a protest is made – whether the minor is competing in youth classes or not.